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Reading & Writing


An advanced writing course to help enrich vocabulary and improve writing styles.

5-Advanced Reading & Writing_orange and

Level 7 - ORANGE

for 7 - 9  yrs

Level 8 - YELLOW

for 8 - 10 yrs

Level 9 - BLUE

for 9 - 10 yrs

What will your child learn?

  • review sounds & practice spelling

  • ‘Power Words’ to enrich vocabulary

  • guided and creative writing

  • skills to brainstorm, develop ideas and enrich writing


By the end of the course, your child should 


  • learnt more than 80 ‘Power Words’ for speaking and writing

  • learnt how to write rich, interesting, descriptive writing

  • tried writing different genres such as report, posters, descriptive writing, narrative writing, recipes, etc. 


20181015_QB Reading and writing Levels G
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