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Reading Record 
Super simple format.
Just record title and give the book a score to show how much you like it! 
You will definitely see the difference in your OVERALL ENGLISH ability after completing just one sheet. 
Check out  for a WEALTH of graded e-books!
Reading Poster
Display this eye-catching poster in your house to create a reading atmosphere!
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Motivational Poster 1
What you become ...
Be the best version of yourself to benefit the world. 
Spelling Help
How to use this SPELLING HELP worksheet: 
1. Choose 4 to 5 words to learn each time
2. Ask your child to LOOK CAREFULLY at the word. 
3. Say it aloud. 
4. Cover the word and spell it once. 
5. Check & repeat. 
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Look Say Cover_Spelling Help.JPG
Vocabulary Poster
Feeling Words for Fiction Writing
Don't always use 'happy', 'sad', 'angry' or 'scared'. Try using stronger, more descriptive words from this list!
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January 2021 Calendar
A calendar with lots of family-friendly features, designed for clarity and growth.

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